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FB Supreme Court’ Hears First Case

Facebook's supervisory board, known as the "Facebook Supreme Court," the body the company created to verify its decisions on content management, issued a ruling in its first case.

Reportedly, the oversight board is ready to consider whether or not to support Facebook's decision to ban Donald Trump permanently, although it is currently unclear when a decision will be made.

The oversight board was the brainchild of Harvard law professor Noah Feldman, one of the leading witnesses to the Democrats' trial in President Trump's first impeachment trial.

In the second case, a user posted a term describing Azerbaijanis that Facebook had interpreted as an insult. Likewise, the board decided that “the context in which the term was used makes it clear that it was intended to dehumanize its purpose” and confirmed Facebook's decision.

In another case, the board ruled that Facebook had improperly implemented the hate speech policy.


28 Jan 2021


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