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Elections for Districts 2 and 4 are canceled in San Juan Capistrano

Two city councilmen were unanimously reinstated this December from their terms by the San Juan Capistrano City Council, without a vote from residents.

After running unopposed for the November General Election, Troy Bourne of District 2 and John Taylor of District 4 will remain in office for another four years.

In at least four years, our cities will be in good hands. At the meeting, Councilman Sergio Farias thanked you for your dedication to San Juan Capistrano.

This is not a new situation for the council. When no other candidates were nominated to challenge Farias, he was reappointed without an election in 2020.

City staff report estimates that by canceling the two districts' elections, the city will save $12,000 in voting materials costs, such as pamphlets and ballots.

25 August 2022


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