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During Zelenskyy's conversation with Biden, the two discussed 'Specific Defence Support'

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Wednesday that he spoke with U.S. President Joe Biden about the ongoing conflict between the Ukrainian and Russian countries.

Zelenskyy wrote on social media that the two discussed "specific defensive support, macro-financial and humanitarian aid." In addition, he says he provided an assessment of the situation on the battlefield and at the negotiation table.

Ukrainian forces have been regaining territory in suburbs around Kyiv lately, so heavy shelling was heard from there on Wednesday morning. Despite the relentless artillery on the outskirts of the capital, no damage occurred within the capital itself.

According to the White House, Zelenskyy and Biden "discussed how the United States is working around the clock to deliver security assistance to Ukraine, critical effects that weapons have had on the conflict, and ongoing efforts by the United States and its allies to identify additional capabilities to assist Ukraine."

The statement said that President Biden informed President Zelenskyy that the United States planned to offer direct budgetary assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $500 million.

30 March 2022


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