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Drones and military aid for Ukraine from the US

As part of a counteroffensive against Russian invaders, Ukraine will receive Scan Eagle surveillance drones, mine-resistant vehicles, anti-armor rounds and howitzer weapons from the United States for the first time Friday.

In addition to 15 Scan Eagles, 40 mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles referred to as MRAPs with mine-clearing rollers, and 2,000 anti-armor rounds, the new $775 million aid package will be used to help Ukraine troops advance in the south and east, where Russian forces have placed mines. According to the official, the United States wants to assist the Ukrainian forces in building their future forces.

This latest aid comes as Russia’s war on Ukraine is about to reach the six-month mark. It brings the total U.S. military aid to Ukraine to about $10.6 billion since the beginning of the Biden administration. It is the 19th time the Pentagon has provided equipment from Defense Department stocks to Ukraine since August 2021.

19 August 2022


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