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Donald Trump Vows to End Birthright Citizenship for Illegal Aliens and Birth Tourism

Date: May 30, 2023

Donald Trump, currently the frontrunner for the Republican Party's presidential nomination in 2024, unveiled a new policy proposal on Tuesday. If elected, he pledged to sign an executive order on his first day of the second term in office, effectively terminating birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and curbing the practice of "birth tourism." Trump's policy announcement came through one of his Agenda 47 campaign videos.

In the three-minute-long video, Trump emphasized that securing the border was a top priority for his administration. He argued that birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens acted as a "magnet" and an "incentive" for future prospective migrants to enter the country unlawfully. Trump accused President Joe Biden of allowing a record number of illegal border crossers and claimed that their future children would automatically become U.S. citizens, availing themselves of various benefits.

Under Trump's proposed executive order, federal agencies would be instructed to adopt a correct interpretation of the law, ensuring that the children of illegal aliens no longer receive automatic U.S. citizenship. Trump asserted that this policy would discourage illegal immigration, dissuading potential migrants from attempting to enter the country unlawfully and encouraging those already present to return to their home countries.

Trump further argued that the United States stood among the few nations granting automatic citizenship to children, even when neither parent was a citizen or legally in the country. He contended that this provision was based on a historical myth and a misinterpretation of the law by advocates of open borders. Citing the analysis of numerous scholars, Trump asserted that birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens was built on a flawed premise.

In addition to ending birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens, Trump also says his promised executive order would end so-called “birth tourism,” where people from other countries attempt to come into the United States to give birth to their children so they will be born with U.S. citizenship. Trump says his executive order would require that at least one parent be either a U.S. citizen or legally in the country.

Trump's policy announcement on birthright citizenship and birth tourism has stirred both support and criticism. Proponents argue that ending birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens would help deter illegal immigration and uphold the rule of law. However, opponents contend that such a move could be unconstitutional and may create significant challenges in determining citizenship status.

As the 2024 presidential race intensifies, Trump's policy proposals are expected to shape the discourse around immigration and border security. It remains to be seen how the Republican primaries and the general electorate will respond to his immigration agenda, including the promise to revoke birthright citizenship and tackle birth tourism if elected for a second term.


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