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Donald Trump hinted that he may fire Anthony Fauci the director of CDC after Nov 3

President Trump hinted he might fire Anthony Fauci, director of the CDC, after the November 3 election at a rally in Miami, Florida on Sunday night that lasted until about 1 am. Morning

The MAGA rally, which was held at Miami Oba Luca Executive Airport, continued despite Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Jimenez announcing Sunday that he would not lift the midnight curfew before the event, according to Fox News reports.

The president told his supporters in response, according to the New York Times: "Don't tell anyone but let me wait for a little after the election. I appreciate the advice."

President Donald Trump and the country's leading infectious disease expert have clashed on numerous occasions, most recently with Fauci saying that the United States is "suffering badly" from the emerging coronavirus in winter, despite the president's insistence that the country "has crossed the corner." About the epidemic.

Fauci also criticized Trump's large personal gatherings from a public health perspective, praising Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for taking the pandemic "seriously," according to the Associated Press.


Nov 2, 2020


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