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Dems vote down GOP investigation of Hunter Biden

Photo Source: By Center for Strategic & International Studies - Panel 3: Our Shared Opportunity:

Republicans sought to investigate Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings with the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday, but the committee voted down that effort.

In a resolution of inquiry, Republicans proposed getting the president to turn over documentation about Hunter Biden and other Biden family members' business dealings, investments, and companies.

Representative James Comer, ranking member of the Oversight Panel, accused the Biden family of enriching themselves with access to the highest levels of government, and suggested that the investigation should be conducted for national security reasons.

“If the Democrats vote against this resolution, then they are continuing in their coordinated effort to shield a potentially compromised President from necessary congressional oversight,” Comer said Tuesday. “We must shed light on the Biden family’s international business schemes to determine if there is a national security threat.”

He said, perhaps referring to emails sourced from the younger Biden's laptop that showed he had communications with a Chinese energy company linked to the CCP, that it was time for President Biden to answer some questions about his involvement in some of our most significant adversaries, including the Chinese. A 10 percent cut was also offered in those emails to Joe Biden, the "big guy" in the corporate organization.

21 September 2022


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