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Democrats in the House of Representatives deliver Trump impeachment charges to the Senate

On Monday, the House of Representatives handed over to the Senate an indictment that former President Donald Trump incited rebellion in a speech to his supporters before the deadly attack on Capitol Hill, beginning his second impeachment trial.

Nine Democrats who will serve as attorneys at Trump's trial, accompanied by the House clerk and acting censor, have charged Trump to the Senate in a majestic procession across Capitol Hill.

Ten Republican members of the House of Representatives joined the Democrats in the vote to impeach Trump on January 13. But Senate Democrats would need the support of 17 Republicans to convict him in the evenly divided room, a sharp rise has given Trump's continued loyalty among the conservative base of the Republican Party.

According to CNN, citing a short interview with Trump's Democratic successor. President Biden said on Monday he did not believe there would be enough votes to convict Former President Trump.

The former Republican President Trump is the only US president to have been charged twice by the House of Representatives and will become the first to face trial after leaving office. His term expired last Wednesday.

CTM News

26 Jan 2021


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