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Democratic Party 'hijacked by extremists', Elon Musk says

Photo Source: By Steve Jurvetson

The tweet Musk posted saying the Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremes drew criticism from left-wing Twitter users.

A meme image Musk posted on Thursday showed a timeline from 2008 to 2021. Musk, who was slightly to the left of the center of the political spectrum in the image, had both conservatives and liberals near the center of the spectrum.

A deal was announced between Musk and Twitter on Monday for Musk to buy Twitter and take it private. Musk is widely believed to be the world's richest person. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO hasn’t yet assumed control over Twitter, as closing such a deal could take weeks or months, while current CEO Parag Agrawal and other top employees are still employed at the company.

29 April 2022


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