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Democratic lawmakers want Costco to sell gas to everyone

Costco Wholesale and other warehouse retailers are prohibited from restricting gasoline sales to members of retail clubs under two bills proposed by New Jersey Democrats.

The bills do not mention Costco by name, but it made headlines in July by restricting gasoline sales to its members only in New Jersey.

In order to shop at Costco stores, you must have a Costco membership for $60 per year.

New Jersey state officials ordered Costco to open its gas stations to nonmembers in 2004, making Costco gas available to the general public. According to state officials, however, the retail giant did not have to allow public access to its gas facilities as required by consumer protection laws, which allowed it to reintroduce its "members only" policy.

In a bill introduced on Sept. 22, Democratic state Senators Vin Gopal and Richard Codey sought to require retail membership clubs to sell gasoline to nonmembers.

3 October 2022


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