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Customer data was accessed by hackers targeting American Airlines

Hackers compromised the data of both American Airlines employees and customers in an attack on the airline.

A few team members' email accounts in July were compromised by an "unauthorized actor," according to an email sent to potentially affected people. An investigation by a forensic firm revealed that the company had secured the accounts as well as found that the email accounts contained "certain personal information".

"Your name, date of birth, mailing address, phone number, email address, driving license number, passport number, and/or certain medical information you provided may have been included in this incident," the email stated.

The airline advised email recipients to set up a credit monitoring account with Experian and to regularly examine their credit reports and account statements. Emails were breached and a number of customers were affected, but the company did not disclose how many were affected.

In statement to BleepingComputer, Andrea Koos, senior manager for corporate communications at American Airlines, revealed that the employee accounts were compromised due to a phishing campaign.

21 September 2022


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