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Conservatives oppose LGBT ideology in schools

Parent and conservative groups across the nation are mobilizing to oppose "drag" shows and LGBT content that puts children at risk of sexualization.

The Idaho GOP called on constituents to pressure event sponsors to withdraw their support for an event featuring drag kids as young as 11.

There is also an organized group organizing against First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in Katy, Texas. During this month, "drag bingo" will be held at the church.

The Idaho GOP mobilized hundreds to delay a drag-kid event. In a series of press releases, the Idaho GOP and its chair Dorothy Moon accused the Left of using a taxpayer-funded event to "sexualize children" following news of the drag show.

A number of Idaho officials canceled their contributions, including the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Zions Bank, and Idaho Power.

Mothers from Katy and Houston are planning to protest sexualization of children at the First Christian Church in Katy, according to Rebecca Clark, executive director of Fort Bend County Citizens Defending Freedom.

13 Sep 2022


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