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Congressional Republicans criticize Biden's China policy

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

In response to President Biden's phone call with Xi Jinping on Thursday, Republican lawmakers criticized the administration's stance on communist China.

According to senior U.S. administration officials, the two leaders discussed topics ranging from climate change to the Ukraine war to Taiwan during the call.

Aside from tariffs on more than $300 billion worth of Chinese goods, Biden also discussed efforts to combat inflation, which include lifting tariffs on over $300 billion worth of Chinese goods imposed by Donald Trump.

During the call, Biden did not discuss any potential steps he may take, a senior administration official said. According to the official, the president expressed concerns about China's unfair economic practices, which harm American families and workers.

Sen. Ted Cruz criticized President Biden for his soft stance toward adversaries, particularly China, when asked about Biden's potential China tariff cuts.

Senator Ted Cruz told NTD, the sister publication of The Epoch Times, that Joe Biden and the Democrats are communist China's best friends.

30 July 2022

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