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Chemical burns kill father, teen charged with murder

Megan Joyce Imirowicz. (Oakland County Jail)

After her father died at a hospital last week, the Michigan teenager contends that she murdered him by throwing chemicals at him last fall.

Last year, Megan Joyce Imirowicz, 18, of Groveland Township in Oakland County, was charged with a single count of assault with intent to do serious bodily harm and one count of domestic violence.

Her father died from burn injuries this month, and after being released on bond she was taken back into custody and charged with murder, WDIV-TV reported.

A probable cause hearing is scheduled for March 21 for Imirowicz, who is being held at the Oakland County Jail.

According to authorities, Imirowicz threw a dangerous mixture containing drain cleaner on her father, who was left unconscious, alone at home, and he suffered burns all over his body.

15 March 2022


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