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British energy production boosted by UK government

As part of the new energy strategy introduced by the UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, "clean, affordable and secure power" will be made available to future generations.

Among the plans laid out in the British Energy Security Strategy, published on Thursday, are plans to increase nuclear, low-carbon hydrogen, wind, and solar energy production in the country.

Continuing with its open-minded attitude toward fracking for shale gas in the North Sea, the government announced that it will launch another round of licensing for domestic gas production.

Responding to criticisms that the strategy doesn’t do much to help families with rising costs, ministers defended the medium-term plan, saying the government was “already doing a huge amount to help people with the immediate cost of living and of course we are going to do more.”

In response to high prices and concerns about decreasing reliance on Russian energy, western countries released a long-awaited plan.

7 October 2022


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