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Blake Masters wants Biden impeached as a Senate candidate

As a result of President Joe Biden's role in the illegal migrant crisis that has resulted in a flood of fentanyl crossing the southern border into the U.S., Senate candidate Blake Masters has called for impeachment of the president.

Democrat Mark Kelly, his incumbent opponent, has done little to stem the national security crisis since entering office, according to Trump-endorsed Masters, a Republican.

“Where’s Mark Kelly on this? I think Mark Kelly should have to attend some of the funerals of the [fentanyl victims] on this,” said Masters during a Republican gathering in Sun City, Arizona, on Oct. 1.

Jim Lamon, who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2022, joined his fellow candidates in supporting Masters' congressional campaign at the Sun City West Republican Club event.

“This is a huge election for this country,” Lamon said. “We all have to stand united—just like the Marxists, right? They all stand united.”

“They have failed in so many respects. Many people talk about the border crisis as some abstraction, as if it’s some act of God. Biden caused it. His policies, right? Thanks to President Trump, we had operational control over our border,” Masters said.

In spite of the illegal immigration and fentanyl crises, Arizona remains pivotal in the election, Masters said. In handling the emergencies, the Democrats failed to implement their policies.

3 October 2022

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