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Biden tells China that theUS does not want confrontation nor does it criticize it for defying the US

William Thomas Cain—Getty Images

Joe Biden answered questions from the media for the first time since taking office and asked him some long-awaited questions about America's relationship with China.

Biden detailed his first conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which he made clear his intentions very clear that the United States was not prepared for a direct confrontation with the increasingly hostile nation.

"I made it clear to him, once again, what I personally told him on several occasions that we are not looking for a confrontation," he said. "Although we know there will be very strong competition."

Biden went on to describe his plan to combat China's effects on the US pharmaceutical industry, indicating that the United States needs to invest more in research to combat Chinese efforts to seize a larger portion of the global pharmaceutical market.


26 March 2021


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