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Biden Attracted Poor Haitians and Then Thrown out of the country - WASHINGTON POST

. Photo: AFP

Poor migrants returned to Haiti told the Washington Post that President Joe Biden welcomed them but then abruptly refused them after they lost all their money and laid down their lives to reaching the Del Rio port in Texas.

Elie and his family used their difficult funds to travel from safe occupations in Brazil. Meanwhile, as the television networks highlighted the massive but unpopular influx, Biden's authorities refused one-third of the immigrants at Del Rio. Elie was one of the unfortunate immigrants in Biden's border lottery, and he has been flown back to Haiti destitute, unemployed, and homeless.

The publication highlighted that Biden's border policy, as executed by Alejandro Mayorkas, the Cuban-born, pro-immigration fanatic who leads the Department of Homeland Security, mirrored the reality. This mass migration is opposed by most Americans because migration makes their families poor.

4 October 2021


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