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Another soldier is discharged from the US Army for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine

Another 24 soldiers were discharged recently for refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the Army said on Thursday. A total of 27 soldiers have been discharged in recent days for refusing the vaccine.

Army commanders have so far relieved six Regular Army leaders, including two battalion commanders, and reprimanded 3,275 soldiers for refusing the vaccination order, according to a statement released by the Army. "The vaccination percentages will vary a bit as the Army accesses and discharges soldiers and continues to refine the tracking processes."

As a result of refusing the vaccine, three Army soldiers were discharged last week, the latest military branch to announce that service members have been separated from duty. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth gave commanders instructions to start separating those who refused the shots after the deadline, which passed more than three months ago.

On Thursday, the Army confirmed that it had granted two soldiers permanent religious exemptions, as well as 20 soldiers permanent medical exemptions. Six hundred and ninety-four soldiers requested medical exemptions and more than 4,000 requested religious exemptions. As of now, 4,228 soldiers are exempt from vaccines temporarily.

25 March 2022


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