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Amex and two top firms cut ties with Netflix after service is suspended in Russia

According to a company spokesperson, Netflix has suspended its service inside Russia because of the Moscow-led invasion of Ukraine.

Netflix spokesperson Emily Feingold told The Verge that due to the current local circumstances in Russia, the company has suspended its Russian service.

When Netflix confirmed it will not add 20 free Russian TV channels over the air to its platform last week, it joined a host of major tech companies that have blocked Russian content in the past. Those companies include Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft.

Netflix spokeswoman said in a statement on Feb. 28 that given the current situation (Russian-led invasion of Ukraine), they have no plans to add these channels to the service.

According to a memo from CEO Stephen J. Squeri, "Due to Russia's ongoing and unjustified aggression against the people of Ukraine, American Express is suspending all operations in Russia."

Russian merchants and ATMs will no longer accept American Express cards issued globally. The American Express global network will no longer accept Russian bank cards issued outside of Russia" says Squeri in a statement.

Also, American Express committed $1 million to support aid organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries affected by Russia's invasion, and said it would match donations made to these organizations through the American Express Match program.

7 March 2022


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