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Americans Remain Pessimistic About Bidenomics and Inflation - Polls Reveal

Two months into President Joe Biden's push for "Bidenomics," the American public remains deeply pessimistic about the state of the economy, particularly with concerns over inflation. As the Biden administration continues to tout its Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as a solution, rival candidates are now campaigning on the promise of reversing these policies. A recent poll conducted by the University of Maryland for The Washington Post sheds light on the public's perception of Bidenomics and the climate initiatives implemented by the current administration.

Photo By Gage Skidmore

Despite President Biden's promises of cost-saving measures, a startling seven out of ten respondents admitted to having heard little to nothing about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which the President signed one year ago. The act aimed to lower prescription drug prices, reduce health premiums, and address climate change while creating jobs in the United States and reducing energy costs.

The poll primarily focused on the Biden administration's climate initiatives, particularly the tax credits available to citizens. However, it revealed that most Americans were unaware of these incentives. For example, 67 percent of respondents were unaware of tax credits for electric vehicles, 77 percent were unaware of tax credits for heat pump systems, 66 percent were unaware of tax credits for installing solar panels, and 75 percent were unaware of tax credits for solar panel and wind turbine manufacturing.

The poll results showed that support for the 2022 IRA was divided, with 39 percent in favor, 20 percent opposed, and 39 percent uncertain about their stance on the act. This lukewarm response suggests that the Biden administration's efforts to promote the IRA may not have been effectively communicated or resonated with the public.

The poll revealed that respondents self-identified along party lines fairly evenly, with 33 percent identifying as Democrats, 32 percent as Republicans, and 27 percent as Independents. This balanced distribution indicates that the results are representative of a broad spectrum of political views.


As the Biden administration continues to push its economic and climate policies, the latest poll results demonstrate that Americans remain pessimistic about the economy, particularly with regards to inflation. The lack of awareness surrounding the Inflation Reduction Act and climate tax credits indicates a need for more effective communication and outreach from the administration. Additionally, the mixed support for the 2022 IRA suggests that rival candidates campaigning against Bidenomics may find an audience eager for alternative economic solutions. With public opinion playing a significant role in shaping political landscapes, it remains to be seen how these perceptions will impact future policies and the 2024 elections.


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