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American Voters Rate Donald Trump Presidency Higher than Biden's in Recent Poll

Nationwide Poll Reveals Stark Contrast in Public Perception of Trump and Biden Administrations

In a recent poll conducted by NBC News, a significant plurality of American voters expressed their sentiments regarding the presidencies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The results unveiled a clear distinction in public opinion, with a striking majority viewing Trump's tenure more favorably than Biden's thus far.

According to the poll, a remarkable 40% of respondents believed that Trump's presidency exceeded their expectations, while a mere 14% shared a similar sentiment regarding Biden's term. Conversely, 29% viewed Trump's presidency unfavorably, compared to 42% who held the same view of Biden's administration.

When analyzing responses along party lines, the contrast becomes even more pronounced. An overwhelming 81% of Republican voters regarded Trump's presidency as surpassing their expectations, underscoring the enduring support within the GOP base. In contrast, only 30% of Democrats felt Biden's presidency exceeded their expectations, with 52% indicating it met their expectations.

Independent voters, typically pivotal in national elections, demonstrated a glaring lack of confidence in Biden's leadership. A staggering 52% of independents viewed his presidency as worse than expected, a sentiment echoed by only 6% who believed it surpassed expectations.

Looking ahead to the 2024 presidential election, the poll highlighted key concerns among registered voters, notably the US border and the economy. Criticisms of Biden's age and mental capacity emerged as significant factors influencing voter apprehension, particularly among independents.

While some Democrats expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of Biden's presidency, including his handling of the Israel-Palestine conflict and legislative achievements, the overall sentiment among voters leans towards a more critical appraisal of his administration.

Trump’s Persistence in Memory

Despite the passage of time, Trump's tenure continues to be a topic of contention. One respondent, echoing the sentiments of numerous conservative voices, stated, "I think the economy was growing, and the country was secure. Well, we had the border, and we had no wars, we had no wars with other foreign countries." This perspective, rooted in a nostalgic appreciation for economic growth and foreign policy stability, highlights the enduring impact of Trump's administration on Republican voters.

Biden's Better-Than-Expected Narrative

On the other side of the spectrum, some individuals expressed satisfaction with the current administration. Biden's initiatives, particularly in supporting US infrastructure and combatting climate change, were cited as reasons for a positive assessment. Those who found Biden's tenure "better than expected" pointed to the administration's opposition to Trump and an improving post-COVID-19 economy as key factors shaping their opinions.

Bipartisan Acknowledgment of Trump's Achievements

Interestingly, the survey revealed a bipartisan acknowledgment of certain aspects of Trump's presidency. Some registered Democrats and independent voters conceded that Trump's handling of the economy and immigration exceeded their expectations. This nuanced perspective challenges the narrative of partisan politics and suggests a willingness to recognize success regardless of party lines.

Critiques Centered on Character and Controversy

Conversely, concerns about Trump's personal character, attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, and his role in the Capitol riot were cited by those who believed the administration was "worse than expected." These critiques, often fueled by strong opinions on ethics and governance, underscore the complexity of public perception.


As America reflects on its recent political history, it becomes evident that divergent experiences and perspectives shape the nation's narrative. The survey results reveal a country grappling with the legacy of its 45th president, with views varying based on individual values, priorities, and political affiliations.


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