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Advocacy group says online abuse should be tackled by big tech

Big tech, according to one advocate, should bear responsibility for policing rude content on social media since they "make a tonne of money" from their platforms.

It occurred after the federal govt suggested an anti-trolling bill that would require social media firms to remove objectionable messages and, in certain cases, reveal the identities of anonymous commenters. The social media business, on the other hand, will be held accountable for the defamatory statements if it refuses to provide the genuine identity of the accused user.

People may be "totally decimated and torn to bits" by anonymous trolls, according to anti-trolling advocate and writer Erin Molan, but requesting help from social media companies or law enforcement is "nearly impossible."

“The legislation just hasn’t existed until now… Social media is essentially a protected species in that space and have been for a very long time,” she told the Social Media and Online Safety Committee.

18 Jan 2022


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