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A Trump appointee is suing Biden over his expulsion from the advisory board

Roger Severino was appointed to the Board of the United States Administrative Conference in the last days of the previous administration.

Trump-appointed member of the Administrative Advisory Council is suing President Joe Biden, claiming the new administration is illegally trying to remove him from office.

Roger Severino, who was appointed to the board of directors of the United States' Administrative Conference in the final days of Donald Trump's presidency, claimed he had asked the White House Office of Presidential Affairs to resign Wednesday afternoon. The lawsuit alleges that if he refused he would be expelled.

The lawsuit comes as the Joe Biden administration works to remove the political remnants of the Trump presidency, which still functions in the executive branch. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has fired members of the 31 Defense Advisory Councils appointed in the final days of Trump's presidency. Other members of the defense advisory boards, including those appointed by President Trump himself, are still under review.

CTM News

4 Feb 2021


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