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A minimum yearly salary of $45,000 is set by Pelosi for House aides

Photo Source: By US Department of Labor

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday that House staff will receive a minimum salary of $45,000 annually and that a resolution that would allow aides to form unions will go to vote next week.

Pelosi noted that the recent approval of a 21% increase in that allowance should more than cover the increased salaries. She encouraged members to use the increase “to honor the committed work of your staff members.”

The legislators are responsible for setting the wages for their aides. Each member of the legislature is given an allowance to cover rent, equipment, salary, and other costs that arise as part of their duties.

While jobs on Capitol Hill are highly coveted and can lead to big salaries down the road, the work often involves grueling hours and low pay in a region where steep housing costs can leave little money for other necessities.

6 May 2022


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