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A $14 billion aid package will go to Ukraine, McConnell says

Photo: By U.S. Government

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says Congress' aid package for Ukraine and its allies now stands at $14 billion.

The deal was announced on Tuesday, when McConnell told reporters that loan guarantees would be used to help NATO allies, including Poland, acquire U.S. aircraft in replacement for planes sent to Ukraine.

Following McConnell's remarks, Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) said the measure would include "a little less" than $14 billion and "a little more" than $12 billion.

A bill to finance the federal government for the entire fiscal year and provide additional aid to Ukraine is expected to be voted on this week as part of a $1.5 trillion spending bill that lawmakers will pass this week.

White House formal request to Congress for $10 billion was higher than the sum initially requested by the Biden administration, $6.5 million.

“It needs to be passed and it needs to be passed quickly,” McConnell told reporters, criticizing the speed at which the aid package has moved along.

As McConnell said, "Getting the Ukrainians what they need at this particular time has been like pulling teeth." 'We have been slow - too slow.' . I think it's a big step that the package will come from the House.

9 March 2022


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